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1980 Fierce Fashion Flashback

80s fashion 01From permed hair to shoulder pads, 80’s fashion was big and bold. 80’s fashion had many statement pieces to complete an outfit. Animal print, neon colors, and big jewelry were the go-to items.

Trend in the 80’s were varied from acid wash jeans, spandex, jelly shoes, and leg warmers. Brands like American Apparel started to produce accessories like scrunchies which became iconic to the 80’s look.

Classic fashion icons included celebrities like Mollie Ringwald, Prince, Blondie, and Madonna. Style in the 80’s was full of experimentation with bright colors. Clothes were focused on having bold, eye-popping colors. Clothes, like windbreakers and parachute pants, were popular unisex items.

“Members Only” jackets, Doc Martens, and shoulder pads will never be forgotten. The 80’s were filled with electrified energy. This was also the time where dancing became a new trend. Movies like “Flash Dance”, “Sixteen Candles”, and “The Breakfast Club” represented that influence in style. The one exposed bare shoulder and spandex trends began in these movies.

Also in the 80’s, Reebox and Nike shoes started to build their popularity. The style of causal and chic started to mix; blazers began to look good with a pair of Nikes. Trends from the 80’s still make an impact on style today.80's fashion 03

80’s fashion will always be adored for its bright style. Even now, 80’s fashion has an impact on our everyday style. Nikes and Doc Martens have never gone out of style since the 80’s. Some fashion trends are even coming back with a twist like acid washed jeans with distressed fabric and a boot cut. Windbreakers and parachute pants have been popping up in stores everywhere.

The crazy fashion trends from the 80’s molded what we call fashion today. However, there will always be a special place for this crazy style.